Inscrutable since the turn of the century.

Despite appearing neglected, this domain is an active dev sandbox. But after nearly twenty years, maybe it's time to consider letting it go. The main difficulty will be that it's been my primary email that entire time; changing that will be a big hassle.

I've ignored more casual inquiries over the years than I've bothered to keep track of, but I've decided to engage with serious offers. I have not listed it with any resellers.

It's a short, memorable .com and the string pot kettle black gets almost 3,000 Google searches per month; the keywords, more than 22,000. Estimated values from the top several appraisal sites returned in a Google search are predictably all over the map, from ridiculously high to ridiculously low. The median is over $2,000. The average is nearly $10,000. I'm not a speculator, but also not interested in lowball offers or hypered-up pitches.

Email duckchow@potkettelblack.com — as noted, casual inquiries will continue to be ignored but genuine offers will be considered.